Car Air-Conditioning Repair

40 years of experience

Car Air-Conditioning Repair

Autopro Garage Max performs car air-conditioning repair of all kinds. Indeed, whatever the make and type of your car (truck, SUV, luxury or exotic car, etc.), our experts will be able to repair your air conditioning in a timely fashion.

For us, quality and service efficiency go before everything and this is reflected in our workmanship. Indeed, we take the satisfaction and safety of our customers to heart, and have done so since our inception 40 years ago. You can fully trust us to carry out your work.

Accurate Diagnoses and Appropriate Solutions

  • Several reasons may explain why your air conditioning is broken and our experienced experts, passionate about their work, will be happy to help you diagnose the problem.
  • They offer accurate and practical assessments and appropriate solutions. Whether faced with a system or a component failure, our professionals will meet your expectations. We repair all car air-conditioning systems; so do not hesitate to entrust us with yours.

Large Inventory of Parts

One of the major benefits of choosing us to perform your car air-conditioning repair is that we have a large inventory of parts, allowing us to repair your air- conditioned car quickly.

If a particular part is not in stock, our professionals take care of getting it for you quickly. Our prices are competitive and offer excellent value for money.

With Autopro Garage Max, you do not need to go to the dealership to make your car air-conditioning repairs, since our professionals are fully qualified to take charge and all their work is recognized by insurance companies.

All our work is guaranteed for 12 months or for 20,000 kilometres to give you full satisfaction.
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Don't hesitate to contact us

To learn more about our car air-conditioning repair services, please contact us. We serve the regions of Saint-Hubert, Brossard, Longueuil, Saint-Bruno, and their surroundings.