Rust Proofing

Extend the life expectancy of your vehicle with an annual rust proofing treatment

Garage for rust proofing in Saint-Hubert, Brossard and surrounding areas

Need a rust proofing treatment in Saint-Hubert or Brossard? Garage Max serves all cities around Saint-Hubert, including Longueuil, for an impeccable car rust proofing service.

Rust proofing treatments are necessary for several reasons. Your vehicle is put to the test by the elements! In winter, de-icing salt, small rocks, limestone, sand and water damage the underside of your vehicle and the bottom of its bodywork. This creates ideal conditions for rust to spread quickly. When metal surfaces are attacked by salt and limestone (abrasive agents), they oxidize and corrosion spreads.

An annual rust proofing treatment is the only way to protect your vehicle from repeated attacks by these abrasive agents and water. The entire underside of the vehicle is then oiled in every nook and cranny, preventing abrasive agents and water from reaching the metal. This keeps rust at bay, while preserving the condition and appearance of your vehicle, as well as its market value.

What is a rust proofing treatment?

  • A rust proofing treatment consists of spraying an oil-based product and anti-corrosion agents under the vehicle, but also at all locations that are likely to rust. This product clings to the metal and protects it from water, sand, limestone and de-icing salt. By infiltrating even the tiny holes and smallest scratches, it prevents corrosion from appearing or spreading. Rust proofing can be completed all year round, but has its best results in the summer
  • The rust proofing products we use are approved for gas vehicles, but also for electric and hybrid vehicles. It is 100% safe for all types of vehicles. It is a Quebec product and it’s completely biodegradable.

Over 40 Years of Experience

With over 40 years of experience in mechanical and automotive maintenance, we are known for our unique expertise, the high quality of our work, and our equipment on the cutting edge of technology. This allows us to stay abreast of the latest trends to better serve you at all times.

Quality First

We put much emphasis on the quality of our service, and this is reflected in our practices. We attach great importance to details and customer service and we are passionate about our work.

All our work is guaranteed for 12 months or for 20,000 kilometres to give you full satisfaction.
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Contact us for an anti-rust treatment

For an effective and efficient rust proofing treatment in Saint-Hubert, make an appointment at Garage Max at (450) 678-5256. We will help you protect your vehicle and increase its longevity. Our garage is located at 5960 Boulevard Grande-Allée, Saint-Hubert.