Wheel Alignment

Maintain a safe driving all the time


Wheel alignment is crucial for you to be able to manoeuvre your vehicle to ensure safe driving at all times. A good wheel alignment also saves money by reducing fuel consumption and avoiding premature wear of the tires as well as the steering and suspension systems.

This is why our experts attach great importance to this issue and deliver high- quality wheel alignment work at all times.

All Services in One Place

  • When you buy tires from us, or you come to have your tires balanced and fitted for the summer or winter, we make sure to provide all the services you need, including wheel alignment, so that you can leave with a safe vehicle and peace of mind. This is the mission that we have assumed since we began work more than 40 years ago.

Ultra-Sophisticated Electronic Equipment

  • What sets us apart is the quality of our services and our unique expertise in automotive mechanics. We own ultra-sophisticated electronic equipment, allowing us to conduct wheel alignments on all vehicle types, including those from the big manufacturers and luxury cars.

When to Carry Out the Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment, which consists of adjusting the angle of the wheels so that they perfectly follow the trajectory of the vehicle in motion, should preferably be carried out twice a year or whenever you acquire new tires.

You may also need to align your wheels if you drive over an unusual number of potholes or obstacles. If in doubt, please seek advice from our specialists. They will be happy to answer your questions.

All our work is guaranteed for 12 months or for 20,000 kilometres to give you full satisfaction.
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